Regenerated is a five piece cover band located in Southeastern Wisconsin. What started as a reason to have drinks and make noise in a basement has turned into a reason to have drinks and make noise in a bar or wherever they are called upon to play. We may be a cover band but we swear by 2 rules: Try to play covers that other bands don't and 10% country. Don't let the tight pants, pre-gig Mighty Duck quack routine, and facial hair scare you away. We will rock your socks the whole night and leave you wanting more (in which case we will gladly then do for you until we either die of heat exhaustion or the plug gets pulled). Pop, classic rock, new rock, alternative, country, heavy name it, we probably have it (except rap....yet). Make sure you get out to see us or else we'd be sad and quite frankly you don't want to be sad. Seriously. We hold grudges. 


To learn more about our members click on the links. Really you should just check out the singer (Jake). He's dreamy. 


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